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Grow Your Business with Social Media

No longer simply a fad, social media is creating unbelievable new business opportunities to grow, increase brand loyalty, generate leads, drive traffic, and ultimately make good business decisions. This workshop offers practical expertise on leveraging social media tools and technique to grow your business.

What will you learn? 

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  •  Develop a critical understand of social media popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and how to use them in your business; 

  • Understand social media marketing tools and techniques (including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook ads, Google AdWords and AdSense);

  • Social media analytics tools, techniques, and strategies.

  • Have in-depth understanding of social media return on investment (ROI);

  • Formulate social media metrics for measuring ROI;

  • Managing and aligning social media with business Goals;

  • Develop a thoughtful understanding of issues surrounding social media securities, privacy, and ethical issues.

Course Info:

Duration: 3 hours

When: TBA

Where: TBA

Price: TBA

Instructor: One of our Lead Consultants

Who should attend?

The workshop is non-technical in nature  best suited:

  • For business managers and owners who are engaging with customers through social media;

  • Digital business and management students and professors who study and research social media;

  • Individual consultants and consulting firms who must undertake social media related assignments for clients; and

  • Even those in government who must formulate social media related policies that influence firm performance in the face of the Internet.