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New Zealand

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Dr. Khan, Gohar



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Dr. Khan is a computational social scientist with expertise in digital business, data analytics, social network analysis, network data visualization, strategy, and network science. He is the author of the Amazon's top-selling book, "Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics" which offers one of the first practical frameworks for understanding social media data. Khan is a well trained social media researcher and educator; his research work on social media has appeared in dozens of refereed journals, conference proceedings, and books. Throughout his career, Khan has helped several organizations make sense of their social media big data. He is also a Senior Lecturer of Digital Business at the Waikato Management School in New Zealand where he teaches digital business and investigates the link between social media and competitive advantage. 

Hayat Mohmand


Senior IT Project Manager

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Hayat has extensive experience in delivering complex Telecommunication and IT projects. Throughout his career, Hayat has successfully delivered and managed multiple projects E2E, including a complex TV program, consisted of multiple projects. He has successfully converted 3 years 60 million from pre-sales to an initiative through various stages of bidding and negotiation. Hayat has experience managing budgets of up to US$23 million on a single project and managed up to 7 projects at one time in an agile environment. He has Multiple vendor specific certifications and courses across DWDM, OTN, ROADM, IP/MPLS, Ethernet, SDH with vendors like Huawei, Alcatel, Ericsson, Ciena, Cisco, Juniper, and Marconi.

Marshall Sponder

Social Media Consultant

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Marshall Sponder is a Web analytics and SEO/SEM specialist with expertise in market research, social media, networking, and public relations. As both an in-house team leader and consultant, he has used sophisticated analysis to optimize the social media marketing efforts of companies and brands including IBM, Monster, Porter Novelli, WCG, Gillette, Pfizer, Warner Brothers, Laughing Cow, The New York Times, and Havana Central. Sponder is a board member emeritus at the Web Analytics Association, a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO), and a member of the Certified Institute of Public Relations Social Media Measurement Study Group (CIPR). Marshall is the author of Social Media Analytics (McGraw-Hill 2011) and is currently working with Khan on his next book for Routledge under the title "Digital Analytics for Marketing."

Dr. Marc Smith

Social Network Analysis Expert

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Dr, Marc Smith is a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction. Smith co-founded and directs the Social Media Research Foundation a non-profit devoted to open tools, data, and scholarship related to social media research. Smith's research focuses on computer-mediated collective action: the ways group dynamics change when they take place in and through social cyberspaces. While at Microsoft Research, he founded the Community Technologies Group and led the development of the "Netscan" web application and data mining engine that allowed researchers studying Usenet newsgroups and related repositories of threaded conversations to get reports on the rates of posting, posters, crossposting, thread length and frequency distributions of activity.  

Dr. Carmen Leong

Digital Strategy Lead

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Dr Carmen Leong is an educator and researcher of social media and information systems. At the UNSW Business School, she research digital empowerment in social studies and digitally enabled strategic transformation in organisations. She has been conducting research as an associate of a case study team comprising of mentors, scholars and students from universities in China and Australia. In the past few years, she has conducted case study research in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Germany. She has published in premier IS journals including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Association Information Systems and in premier IS conference papers (ICIS, ECIS). Prior to entering academia, she worked for four years in the private and public sectors in Singapore and Malaysia.​

Dr. Gazi Hassan

Applied Economist

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Dr. Gazi is an applied economist having expertise in cross-country  economic growth, international migration & remittances and South Asian economies. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Waikato Management School in New Zealand where he is currently researching economics of social media data. His work has been published in the Journal of Development Studies, the World Economy, International Migration, Empirical Economics, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Journal of Asian Economics, Applied Economics Letters and Applied Financial economics.

Jamie Roy

Technology Trainer

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Jamie specializes is helping businesses share their products, skills, and services with current and potential clients by effectively leveraging Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. For almost five years, he have worked with hundreds of business owners on a one-2-one basis, regular workshops, seminars, and conferences for businesses throughout New Zealand in sectors such as tourism, wine, finance, accounting, not for profit, local government and more. Jamie has worked for Ecademy in London, one of the first social business networks in the world being founded in 1998. It was this experience that allowed him to truly discover the value of building businesses networks and relationships online.
He is passionate about helping people in business succeed. 

Dr. Manar Mohaisen

Data Mining Expert

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Dr. Manar is computer scientist with expertise in social media data mining. His research interests include communications systems, social network analysis, international relations, and digital social science.

Karim Feroz, MBA

Technology Specialist

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Karim specializes in digital technology research, planning, developing and organizing advertising digital campaigns to support sales objectives. He has experience in analyzing customer data to identify patterns and preferences.

Noushad Khan

Market Analyst

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Noushad has extensive experience in the government and private sectors analysis.He specialize in strategy and financial analysis, and market research using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Through his career, he has helped several organizations make sense of their financial and market research data.


Intern (Digital Marketing)

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Hassan has experience in Brand Management, Business Planning and Business Development in consumer and technology industries. Competent in cross-functional business analysis and strategic planning with a focus on profitable growth and enhanced company performance. A driven, diligent, confident, committed and focused individual who is interested in strategic business development and market-based development initiatives.