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Social Network Analysis Course

Networks are the building blocks of social media. Networks are formed as social media users make friends, follow brands, like and share content, review and rate products, and forge professional ties. Businesses, for example, can use network analysis to explore their Twitter or Facebook followers and identify influential members on those networks.

What will you learn? 

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand social media network analysis methodology, concept and tools.

  • Understand different types of social media networks and its terminologies.

  • Understand uses of social media network analytics for business intelligence purposes.

  • Extract, construct, and analyze common social media networks using SNA tools (NodeXL, Gephi, and Watson Analytics).

About the Course?

This is an introductory hands-one course providing an overview of the Social Network Analysis methodology and introduce some entry-level tools for collecting, analyzing and visualizing social media networks such as, following-follow networks, fan networks, professional networks, co-like networks.


Course Info:

Duration: 5 hours (2 hours theory, 3 hours practice).

Date & Location: TBA

Price: TBA

Instructor: One of our Lead Consultants