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Social Networks of New Zealand Organizations: BusinessNZ Case

December 10, 2018

In order to shed some light on the underlying network structures and use  of social media by New Zealand organizations,  today we started mapping social networks of New Zealand businesses. We start with  BusinessNZ's Twitter network (Figure1). BusinessNZ is NZ's largest business advocacy organisation, promoting free enterprise and an open competitive economy. 


 Figure 1: BusinessNZ Twitter Network 2018 (Copyright @ Deep Digital Ltd 2018)


In this image, nodes are Twitter handlers (accounts) and links represents their relationships (e.g., who mentioned, retweeted, replied to whom). Size of the node represents the betweenness centrality (i.e., who occupies central position in the network or in other words who controls the information flow). The graph contains 37 nodes and is constructed using the recent tweets related BusinessNZ. 


Enjoy elaborating it!


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