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Create Value with Analytics

Firms engaging through social media expect to get more sales and cost savings, brand awareness and relationships building to name a few. Similarly, customers have their own expectation from engaging with firms through social media, such as, to get discounts and lower their transaction cost, and be part of the brand community.

Consequently, social media value creation process should start with concisely defining and understanding the nature of the value that firms wish to deliver and harness from social media.  

About the Course?

This course provides an overview social media value creation process. We define and explores several tangible and not tangible analytics values to firms and customers. The course also provides a detailed discussion on social media return on investment and construct variety of social media metrics the value.


Course Info:

Duration: 5 hours (2 hours theory, 3 hours practice).

Date & Location: TBA

Price: TBA

Instructor: One of our Lead Consultants

What will you learn? 

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how firms create value with social media analytics 

  • Understand different types of values to customers and values to firms

  • Understand a generic social media value creation model;

  • Have in-depth understanding of social media return on investment;

  • Formulate social media metrics for measuring ROI

  • Social media analytics capabilities essential for firm’s competitive advantage.